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Quinta Das Abelhas Portugal Constellation Work_edited.jpg

Time on the Land


Nature inspired creativity: Switch off, tune in and clear the mind.


Staying at Quinta Das Abelhas is possible from a  few days up to a week. This can simply be to recharge and rest by swinging in a hammock or going off for walks and cycling to see the mountains, ancient sites, rock formations and rivers. If required a program can be mixed in with constellation work, massages or to join one of the events that is happening here.  


This land gives the opportunity to leave with renewed action and energy to take back out to the world.

The pace is slow, slow, slow and is great if you decide to switch the phone off. 

Accommodation is in a wood cabin with your own cooking facilities, you can see some images below. 


Costs based on requirements.

Email to discuss:
Location: Fornos De Algodres, Central Portugal. 6370-031



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