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Constellation Work

For regenerative ways of living, constellation work brings clarity to any specific vision, project, challenge or question one may have within business, environmental or relationship situations. ​ The body's intelligence is the main tool for information in this work, with the intellect utilised for sense-making. A body led approach allows a deep understanding of the forces at play, beyond the ability of our rational mind to understand. It releases outdated patterns and provides a wider perspective that brings renewed energy and focus. 


The Enquirer: They bring the situation they wish to explore or an 'challenge' to be transformed. ​

The Elements: These are the aspects around the situation that need attention and are a living model of the system. In group work they are represented by people, in individual sessions by objects.  Example elements can be the vision, a person, an industry, a group, a species, an emotion or a concept.

The Session: The enquirer gives a description of their situation and what the desired outcome is and arranges the elements in relationship to each other, which provides a physical map of the forces at play and how they interconnect, this is called 'the system'. The process is to then move through the system, revealing blind spots and necessary acknowledgements, to bring new insights based on the intention set. 


The work is often a deeply moving experience for the enquirer, and if in group work also the representatives, that creates positive shifts in relationships and the wider systems.  ​​Work can be carried out online or in person:. 


A pre-discussion is held before to explain the process and define the objective and desired outcome. In individual sessions, the client represents all elements of the situation. Allow 2 hours for the coaching session and a follow up call 2 weeks later. 


A pre-discussion is held before to explain the process and define the objective and desired outcome. In group sessions, the client has representatives for the elements of the situation. Allow 3 hours for the coaching session. 


To arrange a pre-discussion email Deborah on 


"Deborah skilfully and powerfully led a session for me in the weeks preceding a monumental project that I was spearheading. With doubts, challenges, conflicts, and a few unknowns facing our team, she guided me through a personalised constellation that not only blew my mind for its revelatory insights but also steered us through a rocky period, pitted with many difficult decisions."  Steve Rogenstein, founder Ambeessadors

"Deborah has led several constellations for our business, and the process is always intelligent, fun, and extremely enlightening.  Constellation work has been incredible (and unique) in its ability to present us with fresh information and reveal any blind spots to inform future business strategy. The process allows us to let go of our analytical thinking and see the relationships and interactions between elements in a new way. Deborah is understanding, encouraging, compassionate and adaptable to the needs of those she works with, a true “facilitator” of the process." Sophie Kempin, Founder Pure Portugal 

"Constellation work can be life transformational. I chose to do a constellation workshop with Deborah when I was at a crossroads in my life. The information I gained from our session was invaluable in making the decisions I made. It was such a powerful experience to see what I knew and what I did not know reflected on pieces of paper. It helped me choose a course of action, which, a year later, I am so grateful for. It gave me the strength to make a decision I needed but was previously afraid to make." Karuna Tzadi, Writer 

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