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A win win for humans and the other species.

09/08/23, 11:00

Seeding, planting and growing vegetables.

Some inspiration from Central Portugal, sharing this from someone who has never grown food before and now look.

In two months this persons terrace has been transformed from nothing to now producing kale, chard, cabbage, cucumbers, beetroots, radish, strawberries, courgettes, rocket, basil, coriander, parsley, spinach, runner beans, tomatoes.. and everything else looks like it is about to explode! The key was two year old horse poo, soil health is everything.

We often talk of the need for system change, which is needed, and yet the small acts contribute so much to bigger change. With a pesticide driven mainstream food industry still everywhere, for me growing our own food is system change - completely in our reach and power. And so much fun. 

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