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Nature lover and ever curious about constellation work and exploring the unseen. Love to hike, dance and work with people who are open minded, adventurous and push the creative boundaries. 

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My Story

So much of our behaviour I have come to learn is driven by unseen systemic forces from the history of the natural world and the human race. Seems easy to write these words yet really this invisible, yet felt sense past, is very present and creates our future. 


From a young age I thought everything was upside down and inside out, what I was being taught felt a fraction of the story. It was this knowing that drove my curiosity and sent me down many rabbit holes to begin to uncover some of the unspoken threads in society and in myself. 


The first chapter of my adult life I entered the world of marketing and advertising. For me in these early years it was an opportunity to tell stories. I learnt about the world of emotions and campaigns that sold more products and services. I worked on big brands like Microsoft to L’Oreal and dived into different sectors from fashion to automotive. I thrived in the variety of research, trends and forecasts and creative executions across different media platforms.


Along the way, I still questioned and trained in many fields from constellation coaching, to yoga, to shamanism to rewilding. I wished to know how different regions, cultures and eras of time perceived life, health and problem solving. Through my own internal experiments from 10 day silent meditations to days in darkness, my own body become the laboratory for new insights. I learnt that my own cells hold every answer possible and I came to understand why the richness of yoga is called the science of the mind. We have the possibility through feeling the body to access the past, the information needed for the present and be in observation of possible future scenarios. The combination of this lead to me facilitating and holding workshops in the fields of mental health, the prison and education systems and in running retreats called 'experiments'. 

This led into me co-founding a land regeneration project in Central Portugal called Quinta Das Abelhas to transform a pine monoculture. Whilst immersed in nature I began exploring constellation work in a new way focusing on environmental challenges and regeneration in its broadest sense.


Wander through this website to learn more about the now and get in touch to work together.


See you online or in the wild.


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