From the inspiration of the iconic wild honey bee, Quinta Das Abelhas was birthed.

With knowledge from the wild, our intention is to bring back greater diversity to this land

and be part of human networks that inspire regenerative business.  

Constellation Coaching_Social Change
Environmental Constellation Coaching
The views across Quinta Das Abelhas
Walking in the footsteps of the honey bees
Wild flowers of Quinta Das Abelhas
Transforming the monoculture.
Log hives - honey bee rehabilitation.
Environmental Constellation Coaching
Log hives: Honey bee rehabilitation
The beauty of watching the honey bees foraging.
Quinta Das Abelhas
Really being with nature for insights

A Systemic Invitation 


Step into our System

A feeling, through the body
To access the needs of society 

With the needs of our soul 


Step into our System
Align with the future

Release what no longer serves 

Hear whispers of what is required by you 

Step into our System

Individual, collective and the whole

Align with our heart beat

To the rhythm of Earth 

Step into our System

Be seen, at the edge 

To belong in our way

To be the new dream 

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