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Whilst reforesting a Quinta 

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Constellation Work 

Supporting visions to create healthier and more vibrant humans and ecosystems by becoming more curious to what our bodies can tell us. 

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Honey Bees

What can we as humans learn from a super organism? Step into the world of the honey bee through constellation work to explore how their way of being can support teamwork and new positive choices. 

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Events & Courses 

Join us for experiencing what it is to exist as a super-organism and explore constellation work as a tool to support regenerative business at Quinta Das Abelhas. 

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Host an Event

Day workshops are possible here, see what we are up to and if this is aligned with your own work, then get in touch.  


Deborah skillfully and powerfully led me in constellation work preceding a monumental project that I was spearheading. With doubts, challenges, conflicts, and a few unknowns facing our team, she guided me through a personalised constellation that not only blew my mind for its revelatory insights but also steered us through a rocky period, pitted with many difficult decisions.


Because of her grace, wisdom, professionalism, and lively spirit, she and I then worked on a few other constellations: one for an intimate group, another individualised session for personal growth, as well as a public workshop during a festival — all of which were equally inspirational and transforming for all participants involved."

Steve Rogenstein, founder Ambeessadors

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