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Constellation Work 

Supporting visions to create healthier and more vibrant humans and ecosystems. Step into weaving what is best for us as a collective whilst becoming ever more curious ourselves. 


Honey Bees

What can we as humans learn from a super organism? Through scientific research, different hive designs, events and honey bee constellation work, we can understand a little more about this mysterious insect.

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Events & Courses 

Join us for experiencing what it is to exist as a super-organism and explore constellation work as a tool to support regenerative business at the Quinta Das Abelhas research lab.

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From one night up to a week, experience the land here and what we do. Wether this be planting, constellation work or simply swinging in a hammock and having a massage. 


Deborah skillfully and powerfully led me in constellation work preceding a monumental project that I was spearheading. With doubts, challenges, conflicts, and a few unknowns facing our team, she guided me through a personalised constellation that not only blew my mind for its revelatory insights but also steered us through a rocky period, pitted with many difficult decisions.


Because of her grace, wisdom, professionalism, and lively spirit, she and I then worked on a few other constellations: one for an intimate group, another individualised session for personal growth, as well as a public workshop during a festival — all of which were equally inspirational and transforming for all participants involved."

Steve Rogenstein, founder Ambeessadors

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