Quinta Das Abelhas, Honey Bee Farm, is based in the mountains of Central Portugal. Here we are regenerating 25 acres of once degraded pine monoculture land into a pollinator haven and a biodiverse forest for all species to thrive in. The honey bee is at the centre of our work, creating homes for them that support their return

to natural behaviours. 


Alongside our own journey to connect deeper with the natural world, we offer constellation coaching for regeneration projects and those involved in the environmental and sustainability fields.


For humans to restore the natural world so all beings can thrive. 


Constellation Coaching_Social Change
Environmental Constellation Coaching
The views across Quinta Das Abelhas
Walking in the footsteps of the honey bees
Wild flowers of Quinta Das Abelhas
Transforming the monoculture.
Log hives - honey bee rehabilitation.
Environmental Constellation Coaching
Log hives: Honey bee rehabilitation
The beauty of watching the honey bees foraging.
Quinta Das Abelhas
Really being with nature for insights

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An Invitation 


Step into Nature

A feeling, through the body
To access the needs of society 

With the needs of your soul 


Step into Nature
Align with the future

Release what no longer serves 

Hear whispers of what is required by you 

Step into Nature

Individual, collective and the whole

Aligned with the beat of your Heart

In tune with the rhythm of Earth 

Step into Nature

Be seen, at the edge 

To safeguard our belonging 

To create a new dream