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When: Friday 26th March, 12pm- 3pm 

Where: Quinta Das Abehlas, Central Portugal

"Learn how to make a probiotic rainbow for everyday". Faith Canter.

Join this three hour workshop and learn how to ferment. Fermented food are packed full of millions of probiotics, far more than any probiotic pill or potion. They are full of nutrients and also help you up take nutrients from other foods, they detox you even of funguses and restore the balance in the gut. And they look and taste amazing. 


Author and coach, Faith Canter, share's her journey with fermenting. Having recovered from Chronic Depression, ME/CFS, IBS, OCD's, Insomnia, and a deep loathing for her body and life, she has on to assist others in finding their own paths to health & happiness. Visit her website and see her book Living A Life Less Toxic & Cleanse for more details. 


Cost: Euros 20, payment required to secure place

Group size: Maximum places 12

Booking: or Tel./ WhatsApp: 00 (44)7817 4809155


DATE: 1st May 2021, 10am to 4pm

A wild opportunity; a one-day workshop to begin to learn the art and science of foraging in the beautiful valley of the Serra da Estrela. Wild food is abundant in Portugal. It is not only many times more nutritious than most of the food we buy but the act of foraging also connects us more deeply with the magic of our abundant earth. Wild food is a priceless gift from Nature we can all enjoy.


The day will be part experiential, taking time to meet the plants and rediscover our connection to the Nature through our relationship with them. It will also practical with a lot of time given to identifying, collecting and tasting the different plants. We will also discuss the many benefits of foraging and the nutritional content of the individual plants. From the workshop you will:


  • Start to uncover and/or deepen the connection between yourself and the natural world

  • Discover the benefits of bringing wild plants into your garden and kitchen

  • Become skilled at identifying some common edible wild plants you can find in your area

  • Learn the growing habits and timings of these useful weeds

  • Discover how to eat these common wild plants raw and cooked

  • Learn some medicinal properties of familiar weeds

  • Discover teas you can make from common plants

  • Take home full colour handouts of the most common plants

  • Enjoy a simple, delicious vegetarian lunch with some of the plants we will harvest ourselves.


The workshop will be in English. 



Laura is an ecologist and nature lover. She has worked on wildlife projects all over the world and her current ecological passion is the restoration of the beautiful but denuded valleys of Central Portugal where she is a member of the Awakened Life Project and the founder of the Awakened Forest Project. She understands that foraging is not simply about gathering nutritious food but a life-long journey that deepens our relationship with plants and helps us to realise we are not separate from Nature.


Cost: €50 for the day which includes a simple and delicious vegetarian lunch and handouts

Contact: Laura Williams for more information or to confirm a place on: 

- Email: 

- Telephone: (44)7817 480915