We invite you to step out of your usual routine, spend time with us on the land, and join our exploration.  We offer stays for 1 week helping us grow food, prune and plant trees, land management, building work or digital support. Outside of this you can rest, catch up on sleep, sit by the bees, build a fire, walk under the stars, go off for hikes and nourish your soul and creative thinking. There are also regular valley events you can join in. 


For 5 hours help a day, we offer Monday to Friday food and accommodation which is currently a caravan with a wood burner, cooker and a lounge area. Next door you have a hot shower. Before coming to the land, we organise a video call to discuss what everyones needs are to see if this is a good fit. You are also welcome to stay for free over the weekend, organising your time and food as you need. 

For eating, breakfast is self made in our own areas, lunch we eat together and dinner is a joint decision pending what everyone wishes to do.  Lunch is together in the communal area and dietary needs will be discussed beforehand. 


Also on offer: 

Constellation Coaching 

We provide constellation coaching to support your role or work in the world, to drive you having a greater impact and ripple out to humanity. Sessions booked in prior and for people staying on the land it is 50 Euros a session. See here

Valley Events

Constellation workshops. foraging, hiking, yoga, dance, massages etc. are also on offer. See here


Email: quintadasabelhas@pm.me

Let us know what you would like to do or learn on the land and then we can arrange a call. 

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