We offer systemic coaching to transform challenges in the environmental and conservation sector. Previous topics explored have covered mining, policy making, reforestation, monoculture, rewilding and honey bee health to name a few. 

Systemic coaching uses the innate intelligence of the body, our own inner knowing, to get a deeper understanding of the forces at play.. Through a bodily exploration, historic patterns can be released that allow for more effective decision making and renewed energy towards our goals. It provides a far wider perspective to situations, allowing us to step back and move forward mentally clearer. 


Sessions are offered online or in person if local. A pre-discussion is held to define the situation and desired outcome, then allow 2 hours for the enquiry together. 


Workshops run from 3 hours upwards depending on the objective and can be carried out online or in person. The process requires: 


An Issue-Holder: They bring the 'issue', which is the challenge they are wishing to transform. 


Representatives: They act as the different elements surrounding the challenge being explored.  The representatives are a living model of the system being explored.

The Interview and Set-Up: The issue holder gives a description of their situation and what the desired outcome is. Each participant (representative) is allocated an element to represent. An ‘element' might be as varied as an individual person, an industry, a group, a species, emotion or a concept. The issue holder then arranges the representatives in relationship to each other. This then provides a physical map of all the elements at play and the ways in which they interconnect. 


The System: Once all the elements through the representatives are in place, the process reveals the hidden insights and acknowledgements required to allow more positive patterns to form. 

The work is often a deeply moving experience for all participants, and both issue-holders and representatives can experience positive shifts within their relationships and wider systems.  


For more information or to arrange a session please send us an email.