Writing's from living on the land

Today was a significant day for us and this land. A dreaming the future day, boldly planting new seeds. It feels like we are being gently guided and coaxed by the invisible beings of this land and by the land and elements themselves. It feels predestined, the natural next step. This is a big part of my creativity, I see it. I bring myself entirely to this land, this project, this adventure. We are making new maps (or remembering old ones maybe) of a way of living together, stewarding land together, creating together and caring for each other. It feels like family. I feel very blessed and grateful to have arrived at this exciting point in my earth-walk. Another leap of faith into the glorious unknown, arms outstretched in joyful, willing surrender and total trust. Of course, there's an edge, but it's the edge of excitement, like just before the free-fall on a rollercoaster ride, rather than pure terror. I know the free-fall is supported by some kind of mind-bogglingly precise architecture. designed by engineers far more intelligent than me. And I trust this. it enables me to fall into freedom. Writing's from our neighbour, Rebecca May, Quinta Da Pomba

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