What is the role of plants at this time?

From the start of living on the land at what we called Quinta Das Abelhas, my deepening and reconnection with the natural world has been the driving force of this journey. A world of being humbled, days feeling full of gratitude and experiencing the abundance of life. To the other side, the revealing, the growing, the letting go of things not important or even real. Old stories of not being good enough, leaving my own truth and seeing the chaos this causes and clearing seeing when I am doing and not being. And each week, alongside the other creatures and plant life, stepping more and more back into my place with nature, my own nature. This is an never ending journey of wonder and curiosity to me.

For quite awhile, I have personally experienced the other living creatures as friends and mirrors to my own seeing and knowing. Some, such as the honey bees and certain plants, felt like potent teachers that have the ability to bring great and lasting change. These species fundamentally changed my looking glass to life and made me wonder if certain species on this planet have a very different role for supporting humans. Are they here to help us re-integrate and remember our place in this universe? Do they help us understand the past, the present and the future inside of this exploration?

This conversation between psychologist Jordan Peterson and Roland Griffiths is an insight into the role of what for me are plant teachers. That in the right setting, at the right time, with experienced humans can teach us so much about ourselves and life. This is worth a watch.

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