What is fire teaching us?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Happy new moon to you all. I feel deep sadness, my heart breaks after I hear what my friends are going through across the globe from the fires in California. I feel grief for the fires in Siberia that no-one seems to talk about, an estimated 20 million hectares of forest lost since the beginning of 2020. For the fires in the Amazon to expand the agribusiness.

I've come to learn from experiences in life, my heart breaking is actually my heart opening. And as my heart opens I hear a call to action, as if the fires stir something deep in my soul. Nature is in charge and I wonder how many more messages we need from her to drastically change our individual choices, lifestyle and behaviour? I wonder, not often talked about, to these fires cleansing possibilities. The possibilities to which my human mind can’t begin to comprehend. Can it get more dramatic then mega fires to wake us up?

From the heart of the fire a friend in California shares their street has been burnt down, other friends can’t leave their house as the air quality is so bad, another where it is snowing ash, the sun blacked out, it is deadly outside for them. And I hear the recent words of a friend who says we have a home to shelter, how many other species have this to protect themselves?

I know fire is part of Portugal reality, maybe it’s another reason I feel so close to it all, in some way navigating it with them energetically. And it seems like the fire is spearing me on to write. I’ve noticed in recent conversations more of a feeling of helplessness and divide from people about the global situations. And I’ve noticed those more resilient, those more focused on bringing in change are from those living immersed and deeply connected with nature. Those that know they are nature. They seem to watch the fear more and not get drawn in and entangled by it. I see and understand this from my own experience, it’s like the other species help me stay more grounded, on track and keep me from feeling disempowered. In fact they bring the complete opposite of fear, they teach me their own ways of being, about non stop abundance, about beauty and wonder.

From here I can witness the human dance so when out of balance leaders talk from a standpoint devoid of billions of years of evolution, it doesn’t feel anywhere close to reality. And yet with one little swoop from nature any business and government plan can be destroyed. And yet putting nature first and allowing it to lead is still so alien to many. Why, when it can so quickly finish us off from our excess consumption. The intelligence within Nature is always looking to re-balance itself, in the most efficient way possible.

So I wanted to write about one simple thing that has a huge impact on me and bought endless empowerment and joy - it is growing food. I know what I am putting in my body because what goes inside either makes me sick and mentally foggy and drives more fear or nourishes me and brings clarity. The vaccine I need is about considering every mouthful I put in my body.

Growing our own food, eating seasonally and being part of a local growing community is one of the biggest things we can do to turn ecosystem collapse around. And we really don’t need to use chemicals - it’s destroying the foundation of health on Earth, our soil, and pollutes our bodies. And if we stop buying pesticide food, the chemical industry won’t have a customer. The power isn’t in companies or governments, the power rests in our individual behaviour. 

What we decide to put in our bodies and our children’s bodies for me is activism. If we can’t be part of growing, buy organic. The cost I hear many say. Buy less, the nutritional value will make up for quantity and then fast once a week. Every tradition has fasting in it, a healing power so simple. I can feel the new energy that comes from me fasting and the extra mental insights I receive from it.

Then get planting - Trees. Plants. Flowers. Anywhere you can. It brings such excitement and it’s not about saving a thing, It’s just so we can get healthy again, be part of creation and take ownership for change. I remember after nearly a year on the land of which I had been living simple and local. I had been fully with the moon cycles, a sparkling Milky Way to gaze at, mountain water and fresh air.  I went back to England and into one of the big supermarkets. Processed and packaged food delivered from all around the world. I realised I had been the supermarket and pesticide food buyer and saw how I was contributing to ecosystem destruction. Every Euro I spend creates the world I want to see. I’m far far from perfect, but I’m trying and nature seems to constantly reprogram me. I’m becoming more aware every day thanks to the fellow species, elements and what is above my head and below my feet. It’s like being at the best school, a constant stream of fascination.

And I truly hope the fires around the world are sending a gigantic ripple around the Earth that drives us all to make significant lifestyle changes. Someone told me the Hopi prophecy recently ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’. I feel it.

To the health, joy and celebration revolution. It’s our birthright. It’s what this time is about underneath the ravage of the fires, underneath the chaos.

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