The personal growing revolution

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

We are currently extending our food growing area in preparation for Spring and I wanted to share this incredible statistic. After World War 2.45% of our food was grown in our gardens. Today is is 0.1%. I feel with this change we not only lost our sense of joy and wonder from creating our own food but also our individual power, our health suffers and we are more prone to the fear of scarcity.

Imagining a food growing revolution which transforms the existing supply chains and farmers our supported to give us what we need - pesticide free food.

I also wanted to share my main inspiration from this year if you have not yet come across him, Zach Bush MD. The food growing statistic is from one of his recent interviews I love him for his ability to share insights across different disciplines - medical, economic, social and environmental. He is constantly a breath of fresh air.

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