Reversing the trend as the wild returns

As I complete week 4 of my Rewilding Europe training, I am so inspired by what is happening around the world. This image above, shows the increase of wild animals in Europe. Each week on this learning journey I am meeting humans with such love and passion for the natural world. Humans integrating back in and with nature, not separate from the other species we share this planet with.

In the onslaught of the mainstream media doom and gloom which is like watching a tragic comedy that’s addicted to driving fear, I know it’s not the whole reality of life on Earth. I know in my own life I’m surrounded by incredible people, driving change, creating realities based on abundance, love and beauty. Standing for what they believe in and not fighting against. Also most importantly, having conversations to include others and build bridges, not create deeper divides. Grateful for stepping deeper into the rewilding network. I stand for the wild, nature based enterprises and creating hope and interconnected communities on this incredible jewel that we live on.

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