Reforesting a 50 hectare valley

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

From pine monoculture, to the dream of a mixed forest for all species to thrive in. Between the 9 regeneration projects in our valley, we cover a land mass of about 50 hectares. Each winter we gather and plant.

I see a difference each year. Amazingly this year the processionary pine caterpiller was barely presence. Years before causing us itching and even breathing problems from their presence. A monoculture symptom.

The native seed bank ever more shows their presence through new saplings. This planting session was adding an abundance of fruit and nut trees at Quinta Da Pomba.

Calling in more people to come be with us for this winter so our ripple can continue to grow. Get in touch if you wish to be part of the tree planting tribe.

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