Changing our buying patterns

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I had an interesting observation of myself this morning. I buy less online now, more locally, but I needed to buy something for England. My immediate action was to go on Amazon, there I was scrolling the pages until I had a reality check. Right now I want to support local business and so I shut down the Amazon page and researched a few local website pages and easily got what I needed. Of course I don’t know the whole supply chain of the product I bought, that is for another discussion. And I don’t want to paint Amazon as the devils child, we’ve created Amazon through our own buying behaviour. They are only part of a phase we are in, they also will need to change.

For me we need a rebirth of local business, not just because they are having a really tough time but because it brings people together, supports creativity and creates joy. And if together we can change our shopping patterns, then we can bring about this needed rebirth. Especially with a season of potential crazy excess coming our way as I saw this morning Black Friday is still lingering. Or has the collective awareness already changed, maybe this year we will choose local, quality and buy a whole lot less.

Just felt like sharing this and wondering where others are at with their own material consumption that has led us to a very fragile ecosystem?

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