Food forests and climate change planting

We are currently exploring our plan for this winter's tree planting to create a pollinator food forest on the land. Life on the land always feels like being at the school, I would have loved to have gone to nature school when I was 5 years old.

I have just been inspired by 3 days being with the food forest guru, Martin Crawford, and having a glimpse into his 30 years of exploration. I learnt a family of 4 could feed off an acre of land if they knew what they were doing. I was also excited to know that many species of trees you can eat the leaves from and it only takes 7-8 years for a group of trees planted to start acting like a healthy woodland.

And once again in the environmental world, I listen to the native and non native 'debate'. I feel like we are beyond this conversation and it feels more like a human mental health issue and us being trapped into a nostalgic past. We need to be planting for the future climate considerations to feed ourselves, this may be species not originally from the land we are on. I smile because the potato originated in Peru, and now where is the potato

Sharing some pictures from the food forests created in Devon, everywhere you look is food! So to sourcing the seeds and trees for our next planting phase.

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