Birthing our systemic coaching space on the land

Updated: Aug 13

This year gave me the space to explore key topics of interest to me that can drive social change and bring balanced ecosystem into reality. This lead to the development of a 9-month constellation program to bring together change makers in key areas of society.

How do we best educate our children at this time?

How do we provide children with a comprehensive view of life so that they are equipped to solve the challenges we face today and in the future? ​

How can media be transformed to hold greater integrity and be more truthful and inspirational?

Does it feel like a never-ending stream of crises, suppressed freedom of expression and fake news? How do we tell the truth in a world full of misdirection and misrepresentation?

How do we strengthen the connection between the cities and rural living?

Mass departures from the countryside has resulted in over crowded cities and high pollution. Meanwhile we're seeing a trend of people moving from the cities back into rural areas. If we take a step back, what is the potential that exists now for rural communities?

How can technology support human health and happiness?

Technology is often an unknown force for many, what with artificial intelligence, 5G satellites, data ownership, free energy, biometrics and robots. Often these disrupt reflection and developing our internal telepathic and intuitive capabilities. How do we harness both to the greatest effect?

How do we work with universal wisdom in the face of medical advancements?

We are living through modern-day religions, the suppression of indigenous earth wisdom, psychotherapy and body-centred practises of internal knowing. How do we continue to access these methods of healing in the face of constant medical progress?

What is the future role of money and other forms of exchange that can bring greater equality?

The richest 100 people own more than the poorest four billion. From wealth redistribution, to cryptocurrencies, non-monetary exchange and universal basic income, what is the answer to the greatest rebalancing act?

What forms of governance would better empower the human population?

Could there be a world beyond centralised government, which supports the whole? Are there any communities or countries leading the way?

How can industry be repositioned to best preserve the planet?

Driven by military functions, industry has lived through the illusion of infinite growth to the detriment and destruction of entire ecosystems. How can current leadership acknowledge the past and bring about rapid innovation and change in order to create a new era of regenerative business?

Do you feel the call to join?

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