Bee Wisdom: birthing the Portuguese bee network

Thanks to the dedication and love of the honey bee, the launch of a new bee network was initiated at Gravito by Sandira Belia in May 2017. This forms part of similar work being carried out around the world by fellow bee brothers and sisters as we like to call them. People passionate and wanting to celebrate and support the work of the honey bee.

The teachings of the bees and their wisdom runs deep. On the surface level people know we need them to maintain our food supply and their health and fate is being noticed by many more people.

For us at Quinta Das Abelhas it is not about 'saving the bees', but more how can we 'celebrate the bees'. How can we truly collaborate with bees instead of just seeing them as a honey producer for our own consumption?

We take the bees food source and feed them sugar syrup which weakens their immune system so they cannot fight off disease. Then we use pesticides on our crops adding to their health crisis. Sounds so familiar to the human sugar addiction we have and the fruit and vegetables we put into our bodies filled with pesticides. Look at bee health in relation to human health. The mirror.

How can we slowly change the perception that they are not simply here to pollinate our food supply and that it is acceptable to transport them around the world for them to feed on one crop only. Can you imagine a human just living off almonds?

Much research has been done in these area, which looking through my eyes it just simply feels like common sense as to why the bee population has declined.

So how can this bee network in Portugal be supportive of the work done to date by networks around the world. It covers 6 areas focusing on a holistic approach to bee keeping:

Community: Bringing together the collective intelligence around the world through creative events that communicate the bigger role of the honey bee.

Bee care: Learning to work with bee centred equipment, hives, holistic centred research and understanding what human intervention is supportive.

The arts: Hive painting, bee raves, music, play, theatre, art and hive installations.

Sacred geometry: Working with natures cycles, planetary influences and dream work.

Healing: Working with the hives for land healing and therapeutic work with humans.

Unconditional love: Learning from the hive and each other to balance the masculine & feminine aspects of ourselves so we can take our most potent creativity out into the world.

Each interconnected, each a life time exploration with the bees, nature and ourselves. It is simply the old ways of looking at bees that is now being resurrected by many people who feel the calling from the bees to teach us.

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