A winter of planting

Updated: Feb 13

When we started Quinta Das Abelhas, we thought we would reforest a pine monoculture. What we learnt was nature is always rebalancing itself and our role is to move alongside this seasonal evolution. We are part of the rebalancing as we are nature.

Planting trees and shrubs is now no longer a reforestation concept, it is for our own path of joy. And when we put our hands in the soil and plant, we know this will ripple to every other being. This winter the compost we used was our years of build up of our own 'human waste' - yes we are soil. Flushing a toilet into a mainstream system, cleared by chemicals, seems slightly crazy now.

This year we have planted ash, alder, elm, gingko, nettle, walnut, hazelnut, guava, medronha, oak, myrtle, mulberry and plum to name a few. Love diversity.

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