Learning discernment from the horses

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Two months ago we had the arrival of horses to the land. First part to start exploring regenerative grazing here and second part to simply be in their presence.

For the regeneration we are opening up one part of the land at time for them, in their tracks they leave gold on the land, their poo. We are watching and learning as part of our first step in this way for increasing biodiversity and improving soil health.

The second part is the horses as teachers for humans.. they really are a mirror to ones soul. They are teaching us to be more present and how to have discernment and strengthen healthy boundaries. Also they don’t engage in the human mental noise in us, it’s like they say show up fully or we won’t engage.

The other thing that blows my mind, is they read my mind. Well actually that’s an understatement, they know what I am thinking before I think it. And I’m sure we only have a slight hint of who they are. It’s like the journey with the honey bees, never ending teachers.

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