The mysterious world of the honey bee

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I have just read an article about the honey bees, I really invite you to take a glimpse of this writing. It will touch your heart and for a moment you will see inside a mysterious world. Maybe you will be changed forever. You will understand what we humans need to do to bring ourselves back to health.

When you sit with the person who wrote this, which I luckily can say I have, you will leave her company completely changed. I can’t really explain it, what I’ve come to learn is any human really connected to another species transforms me. If I tried to put words to it, it allows a deeper connection to peace, beauty, joy and love. This is what the other species on this planet bring us, by connecting with them you will know we don’t need to save them, we need to learn from them. Thank you Heidi Herrmann for being you.

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