Constellation Work: A Ceremony of Remembering

Over the last 10 years I’ve been regularly constellating and have learnt so much. I’m humbled each time and full of deep gratitude to hold the space for humans to work together in this way. The roots of my way of perceiving constellation work comes from being a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and regular yoga and meditator for ten years before engaging in this work. I have a deep love of the body and what it can reveal and how when not in the head, all answers sit within our cells.

When I trained in constellation work, I realised different language was being being used to what I saw as profound indigenous practises. Set up in different ways, I never underestimated what was happening through the work. Internally over the 10 years I often reflected on my way of constellating based on what I was witnessing and people’s experiences. I have deep respect for the originator of Family Constellations Bert Hellinger, who recently passed, and for me since the start of training I saw the work very differently. It’s taken me these 10 years to put it into words.

The language used to describe the work, whilst appreciating everything needs labels in this modern world of communicating, they were not true to me and what I was perceiving. It has lead me to write this article and explain more to what I see is happening when we come together in this work. What happens when we humans, all powerful and in the force of love, come together with presence to transform a challenging situation for a member of our group, community, organisation, village or town?

Constellation work for my is rooted in ancient indigenous practises. One where once the body is in a receptive and open space, we can allow the intelligence of nature to lead us. Like that of fellow species we share this planet with. Only humans have disconnected themselves from nature and moved to domesticated other beings. When constellation work is done with reverence, humbleness, gratitude, when down as a ceremony, the full power of us as humans can step forward for the good of the group and humanity. Constellation work is a ceremony, and when treated this way, takes on a whole new possibility for potent change. At a time when potent change is the requirement of this time.

Ceremony and ritual can dismantle old systems that no longer serve the whole.

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