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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I wrote this poem coming back from a gathering with bee scientists. My experience left me knowing that cross-disciplines need to work far closer together to bring the environmental changes we all wish to see. We need to dispel the myth of separation from the titles we give ourselves, or the sectors we work in.

We live in an opportunity to allow nature to lead us. From the other species and our own true intuitive nature, the feelings from our body. One connected with the living world. One where we all become scientists, where we observe and study the wild animals for solutions and feel into our own natural behaviour as humans. Not the domesticated versions we have created across the Earth.

My writing follows the format of a poem that I read every now and then by Oriah, The Invitation.

Don’t care and yet....

Don’t care if I am a banker, a healer or a scientist

Don’t care if I am stuck thinking my way is right

I want to know if I’ve inspired others to respect nature

If I can say sorry and acknowledge the past

If I can play my role in transforming control

Don’t care if I have 4 x 4 or a lithium mined electric car

Don't care to book a weekend break

I want to know if I've counted my emissions

If I have moved to reduce them

I'm aware of the supply chain from my purchases made

Don't care what restaurant I've have been too

Whether I am a vegan, a meat eater or a judger of choices

I want to know if I can grow my own veg

Bought local, organic, refilled and reduced plastic

That my product isn't from the other side of the world

Don't care about the latest gadget or my talking fridge

Don’t care if I'm keeping up with the Jones

I want to know if I am researching and discussing

My impact on the living world

And acting towards environmental restoration

Don’t care about climate change, the climate has always changed

Don't care if we have labelled it native or non native

I want to know if we can move back into balance

If we can work with the now, with everything now changed

So we can drink from the rivers & the wildlife is free

Don’t care what I think of this leader, this politician, this control freak

Don't care to blame others and to create my scapegoats

I want to know if I can see them as part of me

If I can keep focused on creating the new

Voice my dreams to the crowd, join those I believe

Don’t care about our children's exam results

What university they went to, what box they ticked

I want to know if we gave them the skills they need

If in 10 years time, that together we can smile

Knowing we really did turn it around

And for this I do care.

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