The Constellation: A bridge between yoga and shamanism

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I first discovered Systemic Constellation Coaching in 2012 after many years of training in yoga and shamanism. The work from the start was so natural to me and provided a simple and powerful way to transform challenges. It felt like a bridge between yoga and shamanism, one that was accessible without needing any previous experience.

I could write many more words about systems thinking but for now this poem expresses my current perception.

The Constellation Invitation

Step into a Constellation

A ceremony, through the body To access the needs of society

With the needs of your soul

Step into a Constellation Align with the future

Release what no longer serves

Hear whispers of what is required by you

Step into a Constellation

Individual, collective and the whole

To safeguard our belonging

To create a new dream

Step into a Constellation

Be seen, at the edge

Merge with the beat of your heart

To be in tune with the Earth

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