If i share my story, will you share yours?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Words are easy to say. Stories often roll off our tongue. As I sit by the fire in this harvesting moon, I asked myself - why would I share my stories? And here is what came.

The Story Teller

I share my story To go in

To inspire myself

To connect to something far bigger

I share my story

To reach out

To inspire others

To show another way

I share my story

To bring a perception

That connects with others

To be more as a whole

I share my story

To collaborate

To build bridges

To strengthen bonds

I share my story

To support happiness

Bring forth a freedom

To connect to our dreams

I share my story

To be playful

invite curiosity

To share what I love

If I share my story

Will you share yours?

What if all news, all journalism, all media, all brands, all discussions around the dinner table or the camp fire were built on this? What could the world become?

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