Sharing some whisperings from the bees

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Nature will tell you everything you need to know. Who knows this? And from those who knows this, what label do they have - scientist, philosopher, environmentalist, biologist, quantum physicist or shaman to name a few?

I have just came across my writings at the time when we purchased this land, when I had asked the bees for guidance on the journey ahead. Phil and I had a vision, of a bee sanctuary, a place for people to come to explore their creativity in collaboration with nature and physical land regeneration work.

It has been beautiful re-reading the words I scribed from 3 years ago, on a big piece of A3 paper. So I wanted to share as feels so relevant for the times we are in and the direction this land has taken us in. This has become every more present for me as I witness the ripples of Greta, Extinction Rebellion, David Attenborough, George Monbiot, the youth movement, the global protests in their millions to name a few prominent individuals and groups of our times. My heart goes out to those being suppressed on this planet, far more than we can ever imagine, in so many different ways.

Here are the words that the bees told me when I asked for guidance of what the land was for ourself and others.

Whispers from the Bees

The land will re-attune your body

So once again, as you did in the past

You will know yourself as nature

The land as your lover

As we the bees do

Do all in worship to the Earth

Ongoing acts of devotion

From these well trodden steps

The erotic and sensual leads

Your creativity overflows

Your nectars ripple

To places unimaginable

The water talks to you

The moons governs you

Life an inner creation

The future from within

Where less is more

A freedom brought forth

Put yourself first

You are chief, not follower

Stop looking and learn to be found

Interpret what you have learnt

Through ways unique to you

Writing, singing, dancing

You are a gift

It is time to share

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