Allowing bees to perform natural behaviours once again

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Sharing a vision for this planet, that once again the honey bee can thrive as it has for millions of years before human intervention. A planet where within a few miles of each other, bees can find habitats where they can be left alone to get strong again. Whether this is log hives, tree cavities or homes where humans allow bees to be able to behave naturally as seen in wild colonies.

We are now in an era where the health of the honey bee can no longer be left to beekeepers. It now needs to be in the hands of us all. Where history, science and spirituality come together to educate and tell the story of how nature itself creates health and vitality.

The external circumstances on the impact of bees health has been devastating through pollution, pesticides and lack of forage and habitats. Their health has declined and become normalised.

The internal circumstances, in the bees very own homes, have seen us witness a phase of preventing them being able to swarm, queen breeding, hive splitting, taking way to much honey and feeding them sugar. If this was not challenging enough, then we fill their home with chemicals.

I am often in awe that this species is still alive. Yet because of the work of certain people around the world they remain with us, calling us to reconsider our actions. If what we have been doing to them was working, I wouldn't need to write this post. It isn't working though. Let us allow the intelligence of nature to lead us back to balance, not the limited and conditioned human mind.

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