Go to the bees first, then to Human Resources

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

How does it feel to be in nature versus looking into a computer screen? One can revitalise us, one can deplete our energy. Question is, can nature bring us something more than greater physical and mental health benefits? Many people say yes. I hear for example I spent the day in nature, in my garden or walking and I got the answers I needed. Then the question comes, does certain aspects of nature bring different insights and qualities to us?

For indigenous tribes, going to nature for answers was common sense. You need to know something then ask the trees, the plants or the animals and they will give you guidance. Science is now beginning to believe in this as a possibility through collaborations. Scientists and indigenous people are starting to work together to draw the same conclusions to different topics of enquiry - science under rigorous testing, indigenous people from asking nature. Different ways and through different lenses to understand but getting closer and closer in their findings.

So within this context, what is that the honey bee brings us? This critical insect to life that pollinates around 60% of our food source. From a personal perspective I know they have soothed my mental drama, their stings have given me insights, and in one incident bought clarity to an argument between me and another as they danced around us. Afterwards their dance, our issue had been resolved with no words. I meet someone recently who's arthritis had been cured through apitherapy, applying bee stings to acupuncture points. This are anecdotal sharing, what have larger projects shown.

Bees helping mental health issues

A project in Ireland working with mental health patients showed quality of life was enhanced from working with bees and there was an improvement in self-esteem in the first six months of the project.

Bees helping prisoners

The Natural Beekeeping Trust took bees into Rye Hill Prison to support change in a system deteriorating. Prisons are less safe than five years ago, with more prisoners murdered, killing themselves, self-harming or being attacked. With the bees at Rye Hill Prison, there would be meadows, and a garden. Offenders would learn to sow, cultivate and reap, make beehives, become beekeepers. Feedback from the prison is that a community spirit has been created amongst the men so that all feel part of something greater.

So what about having access to bees in the work place. We know mental health issues exist at work. Staff turnover, sickness and lost productivity resulting from poor mental health cost UK employers £42bn last year in 2017. What if you could go sit beneath a hive and find a deeper peace and clarity and return to your desk. What if instead of going to HR first, you went to the bees. What if the experiment was to allow nature to support you and business? What if it wasn't just about saving the bees, we allow bees to help people and see the possibility of their role in this way. What if we now turned to collaborate with nature.

This is the offering from Rewilding Our Planet. Work with us, have a hive in your work place or organisation. Experience the teachings of the bees and allow them to help your business and improve teamwork. This was as nature intended.

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