Constellation Coaching - Changing our internal, to influence the external

The Constellation System works to address underlying issues around any challenge or problem being faced. With the work we are looking to understand root causes of organisational, societal or personal patterns that prevent positive change. Through this we explore ways which we relate to the world, both past and present, to help make visible the unknown. We can then begin to unravel some of the forces at play and witness issues in relation to a chosen topic.

The process uses the body as the tool to ‘sense’ the different elements of a system. Through this bodily sensing of the system, individual elements and the relationships between them can be understood, so that a healthier re-alignment of a situation is possible.

A constellation work can be used for:

  • Problem solving and creating new dynamics at work or in organisational systems

  • Understanding root causes of societal patterns that are a detriment to humanity and the environment

  • Breaking patterns of dysfunctional personal and family dynamics to improve relationships

  • Bringing to the surface unknown forces to release fresh energy and creativity for projects

Workshops: In a day constellation workshop, two issues can be constellated. Up to 14 further individuals can take part as ‘representatives’. The representatives are essential to the process as they become a living model of the system being explored. A constellation is often a deeply moving experience for all participants, and both issue-holders and representatives may experience positive shifts within their families and wider relationships.

What is an Issue-Holder? They bring the issue, the challenge they are wishing to transform.

What is a Representative? You act as a witness and may also take part in the constellations as a representative. Being a representative in other people’s constellation is often a deeply moving process and brings great self learning.

The Interview and Set-Up: The issue holder gives a description of their situation and what the desired outcome is. Each participant (representative) is allocated an element to represent. An ‘element' might be as varied as an individual person, a group, species, emotion or a concept. The issue holder then arranges the representatives in relationship to each other, this is called the Constellation. It then provides a physical map of all the elements at play and the ways in which they interconnect.

The Constellation: From this place, the constellation takes its journey to often reveal hidden insights or bring acknowledgements that allow new more positive patterns to form.

Facilitator: Deborah Richmond works with a wide range of individuals, groups and companies. She has a particular passion for the environment and for working with organisations who wish to transform systems and business practices that drive sustainable growth.

To discuss further or to book a constellation workshop contact Deborah:


Tel: 00 (44) 7817 480915

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