The future for farming though a systemic lens

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

On October 14th we gathered to explore barriers to change in farming practises and to highlight what was needed to move way from our reliance on pesticides. Pesticides, as scientists have shown, are destroying soil health and life on our fragile planet. When you read 'A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife' the statistics are scary.

Our intention was to bring in the new to move us away from our pesticide addition. The elements that we constellated were pesticides, the honey bee, the landscape, farmers, corporate/government, nature, power and children. We moved between the elements, each person feeling into and expressing what was coming through them. The dialogue is given below:

Pesticides: I know why I am here, I do not know why you are judging me. My purpose is clear, I cannot be anything else. Why do you judge me. I am here to sterilise and annihilate, this is my purpose. It is clear for me. You continue to judge me but I cannot change.

Honey Bee (to pesticides): I understand this about you and I do not judge you. I know what you can kill me and I am ok with this. If I cannot fully live here there are many other places I can be, I am not attached to life. I do not judge you, I understand you.

Pesticides: The others do not understand this.

Farmer: We do not know any different and we do not know what to do. We know villages have been effected, people have moved to the city. What was once small farms and seasonal work is now big land owners, pesticides and less work.

Pesticides: I am about annihilation, I have come from annihilation (weapons industry).

Corporates/ Government: I want more and more food, I can sell it. Humans just want more and more. Humans do not want to grow their own food. I can sell it, it gives me power, huge amounts of power. I am bigger than you all. Supermarkets are just giving people what they want.

Landscape: You need to repair your relationship with me.

Pesticides: Don't ask me to grow your food for you then. When you pay for me through the current ways you give me permission to farm in this way.

Children: Call the doctor. Does the medical profession know what is happening?

Nature: Deep, deep, feeling of grief and pain. How much suffering can it take, how much suffering will we continue to allow.

Farmer: What is the other way? What is the alternative? I need a confident alternative.

Children: There is another way. Try this, try fitting in, in a new way.

Farmer: There are things in my way, I cannot see another way.

Corporates/ Government: I have so much power, I am feeding off a huge source of power that makes me feel massive. Power is addictive and seductive, it takes control of me. I am completely seduced.

Power (the emotion of power speaking to corporates): You are nothing without me, I am controlling you. Animals and children are easiest to be with, they draw their power from something else. The power from me is not sustainable for you. It doesn't last, it is your own addition.

Corporates/Government: I am losing my power, I am becoming smaller. I do not like this, I do not want people getting closer to the landscape.

Power and landscape: Say hello to each other.

Farmer: I want to move closer to the landscape.

Landscape (to farmers): I am always changing, every second. The problem with humans is you are so scared of change. You get stuck. Nature is constantly changing. You must come to me, you must surrender your relationship to me. When you die you come to me, come to me when you are alive.

Nature: Lots of emotions, feel strength from the farmers hearing the landscape.

Farmer: The farmer starts to feel the landscape and what is happening to it. He moves towards the children to start to teach them about nature and another way. I feel so much better, wish I had done this year ago.

Nature: Feel I need to keep purging.

Landscape (to nature): You need to be honoured and come into the centre. How can we honour you?

Nature: By honouring yourself.

Children: Is there a story to read me?

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