Why are scientists sending a collective letter to policy makers on neonicotinoids?

We give thanks and gratitude for the work of Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex. In this video he explains that a letter, written by scientists to policy makers in governments, was recently published in a scientific journal. This letter at the time of posting this video, was signed by 242 scientists around the world, highlighting the scientific evidence of the dangers of neonicotinoids insecticides.

Dave Goulson explains that neonicotinoids are the most widely used insecticides in the world applied to a broad range of food and crops used in pest control. They are neurotoxins with a very high toxicity to insects, a group of organisms that contain the majority of described life on earth. From this includes numerous species of vital importance to humans such as pollinators and predators of pests.

The letter goes on to say that the scientists state the balance of evidence is that these chemicals are currently contributing to the massive lose of biodiversity, and as such there is an urgent need for national and international agreements to greatly restrict their use and to prevent registration of similarly harmful agrochemicals in the future.

From this place what is really going on as some of us hear news of possible bans within Europe? Watch the overview from Dave Goulson and please share this with others to drive greater awareness. Let us all continue to speak out until the law is changed and real action is happening. The result of which is that these insecticides are no longer used anywhere on this planet and future generations know they will live in a biodiverse environment

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