Inspiring bee keepers in Portugal

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Being part of the Bee Wisdom network was an important thread in the launch of Quinta Das Abelhas. Initiated by natural beekeeper Sandira Belia, it brings together beekeepers in Portugal, and provides a deeper awareness of the workings of the hive, how best to collaborate with bees and the importance of celebrating nature with them.

Sandira shares with us what the Bee Wisdom network represents:

Bee Wisdom is a network interconnecting people interested in exploring together the wonders of the bees and offering them safe places to stay and thrive. Bee Wisdom was born in 2017. It is based in Portugal and is now growing wider and wider. Its goal is to honour the bee in all its dimensions and to explore the potential of the human-bee collaboration.The particularity of this network is to combine areas of research that cover practical natural beekeeping, artistic explorations and spiritual approach of the hive.

All the participants of “Bee Wisdom” agree on the following principles:

1. Bees are sacred beings. They don't belong to us. If we care for bees, we cannot demand anything from them.

2. Bees are carriers of wisdom.We consider the Bee as a teacher to learn about nature mysteries, healing processes and about ourselves.

3. Bees are allies of co-creation. We wish to develop our abilities to communicate clearly and combine our respective qualities to collaborate in creative perspectives and artistic expression.

4.Our relationship with bees is based on trust, respect, and synergetic exchange. Honey harvest is not our primary goal. We can consider to receive honey from the bees only when they are thriving and producing more than for their own needs.

5. Bees and humans can support each other in regaining inner power and health. We acknowledge that bee health and human health are both a mirror and a refection of the health condition of the Earth. We are interested to learn about this relationship and how we can move towards practices that are strengthening bees and humans to shine in their “bee-ing”. We research and share experiences around treatment-free and feeding-free bee care, the significance of natural swarming, how to co-create environments of biodiversity, how to reduce complicity in our daily life with practices that are harming bees, humans and Earth health, how to harvest and use bee products to support human health recovery.

In August 2018 there is a global Learning from the Bees Conference, where beekeepers from around the world are coming together in Holland. Many of us from the Bee Wisdom network will to listen and share our stories about the bees.

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