Bringing constellation work to the land

In the newly erected marque we initiated Constellation work on the land exploring bee health and the health of water.

Constellation work is a dynamic process that works with the systems surrounding and influencing any challenge. Often we want to implement change but forces beyond our rational mind can prevent it. Constellation work provides a space for blind spots to be revealed and an acknowledgement of the past in order to move forward.

The process works with the body as the tool to ‘sense’ the different elements of a system and to understand what the underlying forces at play are. Through this bodily sensing of the system, individual elements and the relationships between them can be understood at a deeper level. Through this process a healthier re-alignment of a situation is possible.

Group or individual constellation work is possible. With a group you have the following roles:


The person that brings the challenge:


Witnesses that may also take part in the constellations as a representative. Being a representative in other people’s constellation is often a deeply moving process and brings great self learning.

The Interview and Set-Up

The issue holder gives a description of their situation and what the desired outcome is. People are chosen from the representatives to embody the relevant elements being considered. An element might be an individual person, a group, or a concept. The issue holder then places the representatives in relationship to each other, this is the Constellation, which provides a map of the interconnected elements.

The Constellation

From this place, the constellation takes It journey to often reveal hidden insights or bring acknowledgements that allow new more positive patterns to form.

The work can be carried out as individual sessions where the the elements are represented by objects.

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