Log hive making, collaborating with the wild bees

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

On a fresh winters day in the Portuguese mountains, we gathered to make our first log hive. Once upon a time, before bees became domesticated by humans, they lived in the trees and could thrive without the threat of pesticides, monoculture and queen breeding, to name a few of the impacts of humans.

Over time we come to where we are today, with modern commercial bee keeping taking the honey for human consumption and giving back to the bees a white sugar syrup. Handing on our own sugar addition to the bees to deplete their immune system health as well as our own.

Making log hives is the start of us providing habitats where the bees are left alone, simply to be and so giving them time to improve health with their own intelligence and where they keep their food, their honey, for themselves. Thank you bees for your role in this incredible ecosystem.

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