Local food growing, a future necessity?

When you arrive to be guardians of a piece of land you become excited with the potential. The first year for us is about watching and learning and doing little so we could see what nature is doing itself through the four seasons. The more you spend time in a specific spot, the more ideas bubble up in you.

Over the coming years, food growing is an important part of our journey. How can we sustain ourselves from the land and our local community. Buy seasonally, buy less imports, eat organic fruit and vegetables and create less and less impact to the environment. The herb garden was started to symbolise this. Each meal time has a picking from the garden so our intention is that each year that passes more and more is gathered from the land we live on.

Going into large supermarkets feels uncomfortable as sugar and processed food is the norm, buying from the local farmers feels me full of joy, picking from our land is magical.

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