Flowing water on the land & the global challenge we face

After 5 months of filling up water tanks from the local village fountain and building up my muscles, the day the water flowed on the land was a celebration. Through the land clearing we discovered 6 wells and a water mine, now this is channelled into two taps on the land for our initial use as we plan our water strategy.

Clean and flowing water has been the topic of many scientists and environmentalists for years. I wonder if our ancestors could ever have imagined a time that humans would be buying water in plastic bottles.

As we face desertification around the world from human activity, it is time for us to reverse this. As I witness flooding and fires around the world, the role we play here in this story is as critical to us as the bees and the health of our forests.

I will write more once we have a clearer idea of our water strategy on the land.

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