The second hive arrives, Dona Estrela

Introducing the second hive to the land, Dona Estrela, named after Serra Da Estrela, (translation is Mountain of the Stars), the range of mountains you can see from the land.

After a bee apprenticeship with Sandira Belia in Vale Bacias and Tamera, a certain hive called to journey from the land of Alentejo to our own. The hive, beautifully painted by Sandira, shows the Dolmen which is the Neolithic site by our land and a dragon to represent the dragon lines of the Earth, also known as Ley Lines. These ley lines are said to be an altered form of the Earth's magnetic field. It is claimed that birds, fish and animals use them as compasses in helping them find direction back to breeding grounds and to warmer climates during winter months.

The more I am in collaboration with the bees, the more I experience the different personalities of the hives. Painting of hives feels a foundation for bee keeping, it is a way to honour them and form a deeper connection. Sitting by the hives each day, listening to their hum, watching their stillness in their busyness, I try to sense if they need anything from me. Some days they dance around me clearing any own mental cobwebs, some days resting on me, some days just darting off on their adventures with the land. Most of the time they need nothing other than respect and to be left to their own internal knowing. This internal knowing, our sacred connection with them and the minimisation of human disturbance will help them regain their vitality so they can thrive again.

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