Bringing Balance to London

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

With respect for people all over the world for their own flavours of creativity to help bring Balance back to this planet. Before coming to the land to set up the bee sanctuary, I was working for EMP Publishing at the start of their launch of their magazine BALANCE in London.

For me the connection between the cities and the rural is increasingly important. I love cities for their creativity, the people and their passion, the drive, the culture, the anything goes and the anything is possible. I can also feel the stress cities bring from managing a huge workload and a disconnect from nature. Rural Portugal brings incredible power and wellbeing just from being on the land and working with nature. Yet the rural areas have their challenges as people leave to the cities and abroad in such of more financial stability as villages becoming void of humans.

Their exists a bridge to be made between the rural and the cities, the corporate and the spiritual worlds and in fact all opposite forces. One that is only possible when labels are dropped, our ego lessens and we can fully listen to each other. Where we can see the creative potential in each other, whilst also acknowledging the human conditioning we have all had.

For me BALANCE takes the key topics we are facing around the world and puts it into every day language that people can connect with, whatever walk of life or belief. So new bridges can be made between apparently seemingly opposite opinions. The differences mostly come down to use of certain words, language and a narrow mental perception.

My hope is there is a flow of the rural necessities into the cities such as more bee hives on roof tops and more vegetation planting and a flow of creativity from the city to the rural to bring back the talent and drive for land regeneration projects.

In the meantime, check out BALANCE. Appreciating my time with this magazine.

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