What is truly regenerative business?

How to bring in more entrepreneurial ways and stories that inspire and create distributed abundance?

How do existing corporations transform to be in balance with the natural world?

How can we together create business that honours the past and is relevant for the now?

How can rural living bring abundance in all aspects of life and weave with city life?

This is our enquiry and if you have stories to share we would love to know. Whether this is from a an existing thriving circular economy, mistakes you have learnt from or recently launched experiments. 

Our current exploration: 

  • Working with Pure Portugal and running the Services Directory to support individuals and businesses gain new clients and build awareness through utilising this popular community platform  If you have a business you would like to promote please get in touch.

  • One to one and group organisational constellation coaching to support business and project creativity 

  • Gatherings to explore this topic further and to keep asking questions