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Life as a super organism

Honey bees and teamwork - what can we learn?

“Imagine that all your cells constituting your body are similar to bees. They do not stick together but are free to move, free to vibrate with their wings of spirit - like bees. Be aware of each cell's autonomous space that introduces greater space into your own body and imagine the humans around you doing the same. You resemble the hive, you surrender into this sensation.” The Queen Bee

Using the approach of Family Constellations, this workshop provides an opportunity to
dive deeper into the intelligence of the honey bee. The process will allow participants to
tap into direct revelations of hive consciousness through this work.

Within a beehive, the individuality of a single bee is subsumed to the greater good of the
hives super-organism. During a worker bee’s six-week lifetime, her role evolves, based on
age: cleaner, nurse, undertaker, builder, guard, forager, scout. Playing off this metaphor, in
human society our different disciplines contribute to various systems, aka the larger
“human super-organism.”

By connecting to this human greater good, we can experience what is possible when
individuals spanning disparate disciplines work together, and what impact this collectivity
can have on creative manifestation.

This is an opportunity for all walks of life to come together to bring a shift in unconscious
patterns that keep us separated. As we lose attachment to any particular label —
“scientist,” “artist,” “lawyer” — we can come into a greater sense of belonging that
drives potent business, social, environmental and community action.
Themes can be extended out to the questions the group which to explore, i.e:
What can the honey bees tell us about technology and AI?
What can the honey bees tell us about this time we are in?
What can the honey bees tell us about human health?

Time Allocation: 1.5 hours to 1 day (pending time availability)
Requirements: Open space, electrics not required for the work, yet a microphone needed if a big space
Capacity: From 8 people up to infinite
Contact: Deborah Richmond on or 913 272 253
Cost: Pending brief

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