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Where:    Quinta Da Mizarela, 3305-031, Benfeita 

When:      Saturday April 23rd 2022 

Time:       Arrive for 10.30am for tea/coffee, course runs from 11am - 5pm 

Gathering your food from the wild is called ‘foraging’ and is about a deep respect and reverence for the natural​ world. This is not a workshop that will teach you that ‘Nature is a supermarket’ but rather one that will start you on a lifelong journey into real relationship with the plants, fungi and all of the beings that support them. The day will be experiential and we will take time to meet the plants slow down to ‘plant’ time so we can really begin to know them. We will use all of our senses as we dive into their green world.

The day will also be practical with a lot of time given to identifying, collecting and tasting the different plants until you are confident to start foraging at home. We will also discuss the many benefits of foraging and of the ​nutritional content of the individual plants. Wild food is many times more nutritious than most of the food we buy and one of the many delightful things about foraging is it is always a surprise!

From the workshop you will:
• Become skilled at identifying some common edible wild plants you can find in your area
• Understand the importance of learning the growing habits and timings of these useful ‘weeds’
• Discover how to eat these common wild plants raw and cooked
• Uncover the deep connection between yourself and the natural world
• Discover the benefits of bringing wild plants into your garden and kitchen
• Learn some medicinal properties of familiar weeds
• Discover teas you can make from common plants
• Take home full-colour​, digital handouts of the most common plants
• Enjoy a simple, delicious vegetarian lunch with some of the plants we will find ourselves.


"I hold so dearly this day in my heart as it showed me further ways in which I am part of the places I inhabit. Laura is a knowledgeable, gentle, fun, and deeply grounded guide and I look forward to applying all the hands-on info and learning more in the future. " Corina

"Laura's foraging workshop has been a great experience for me. Her scientific knowledge combined with a deep sense of connection with nature has left me with a curiosity to explore further and a comforting feeling of belonging." Julien
"Thanks again for the wonderful day and all the info you shared with us. Love the way you treat nature, with so much love and respect. I have learned a lot and am now motivated to explore and learn more, really looking forward to that.
” Noor

"The course has a respectful approach to foraging, to help be more mindful and most importantly it inspired me to forage more, especially for health. I think the more natural activities we do, the more respect we have and the more we observe changes in the environment." Charles

About Laura
I have enjoyed a loving connection with the natural world since I was a child and always loved to be outdoors and exploring wild places. I have been foraging for over 20 years since I was living in a remote Scottish Island and desperate for fresh vegetables. When someone told me I could eat the nettles growing around me it was a complete revelation and an utter delight! As I continued to find more plants I could eat I realised that foraging is not simply about gathering nutritious food but a life-long journey that has deepened my relationship with plants and my gratitude for all of Nature's generosity.

The workshop will be in English.



Cost: 50 Euros includes local sourced vegetarian lunch

Email Deborah for a place: