WHAT: A 9-month program exploring the questions of who we are as inspired individuals and where are we going in order to drive positive social and business change in a radically changing world. 

WHO IS THIS FOR: Up to 12 change makers who wish to see their visions come into physical reality. 


Humankind faces unprecedented change and as the old stories crumble, we can connect more fully with future possibilities that are seeded everywhere. We can prepare ourselves and our children for a radically shifting world, transforming mainstream thought patterns that no longer serve our own or the planet's needs. It is time to make sense of what we have created and  step more into our individual and collective power and reclaim our place in the natural world. A place of beauty and wonder.  

We will bring the deepest curiosity to a series of questions using the framework of organisational constellation coaching. We will create actions and stories abundance and balance for all species on this planet. 


  • To disentangle from old patterns that prevent change makers from reaching their highest potential in the area they work

  • To recognise and bring cohesion towards a new paradigm, with non judgement, that supports the whole

  • To build a planetary dream that strengthens individuals, releasing personal and collective trauma, control and conflict

  • To provide a framework whereby our visions are physically manifested and ripple out for others to join 

Each participant will share their work intention prior to the group coming together and we will agree the support system in and beyond the program. 

WHERE: On Zoom 

2023 DATES: Every Wednesday after the new moon for 9 months: 

25th January, 22nd February, 22nd March, 26th April, 24th May, 21st June, 19th July, 16th August & 20th September


TIME: 6pm-9pm Greenwich Mean Time (London), 2pm-5pm EST Time (New York), 11am-2pm PST Time (LA, California) 


Preparation gathering: 25th January 

Who are we, what do we wish to see in the world. 

What is the role of industry in creating a truly thriving planet? 

Driven by military functions, industry has lived through the illusion of infinite growth to the detriment and destruction of entire ecosystems. How can we acknowledge the past and bring about rapid creativity, innovation and change in order to create a new era of regenerative business?


How do we best educate our children to support critical thinking? 

How do we provide children with a comprehensive view of life so that they are equipped to solve the challenges we face today and in the future? 

How can the media transform to build trust and inspire action? 

Does it feel like a never-ending stream of crises, suppressed freedom of expression and fake news? How do we tell the truth in a world full of misdirection and misrepresentation? 

How do we strengthen the connection between the cities and rural areas? 

Mass departures from the countryside has resulted in land abandonment and over crowded cities with high pollution. If we take a step back, what is the potential that exists now for rural and city communities and their collaboration together? 

How can technology support humanity coming into its greatest potential?

Technology can be an unknown force for many, from artificial intelligence, 5G to 10G, robotics, social media innovations to decentralised platforms that look to rebalance power. They can be said to disrupt feeling, reflection and our natural telepathic and intuitive capabilities. How do we harness both to the greatest effect? 

How do we work with the intelligence of nature alongside medical advancements?

We seemed to have moved from the gods of religion and myth, to the gods of technology and science. With medical technology advancements such as mRNA that intervene with natural processes, how does this sit with indigenous earth wisdom and body-centred practises of natural evolution? 

What is the future role of money and other forms of exchange that bring freedom and greater equality? 

The richest people often carry guilt, shame and secrecy around money and yet a small group own more than the poorest four billion, bringing a great imbalance. From blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies, non-monetary exchange, universal basic income and decentralised power, what is the answer to a financial rebalancing act? How can exchange be free flowing and support the whole? 

What forms of governance would best empower the human population?

What is the way forward beyond a centralised government that can truly support the whole? Are there any communities or countries leading the way, such as El Salvador with Bitcoin, that we can learn from. What are the systems required for collective good?


Cost: Euro 1,500 for the program. If you can contribute more this will be used to offer subsidised places to encourage diversity. 

Subsidised places: Please ask for more information. 

Group size: 12 

Bookings & more information - send an email to arrange a call to discuss further. On the email, please advise on why you wish to join this program? 


The funds made from the program will go into regeneration at Quinta Das Abelhas. 

Program lead: Deborah Richmond 

My background is in advertising, once creating stories to drive a purchase decision. Over this time I learnt about creativity, passion, communication and emotional influences. Now my personal drive is to create new stories, a society built on regenerative social and business practises. Ones that support the collective whole and the natural world. Although my journey has been mainstream, along the way I questioned what I had been taught. I looked to more ancient teachings to problem solving, the main disciplines I trained in were yogic philosophy, indigenous wisdom and constellation coaching.  How I work is driven by the combination of business, the bodies intuition and the years of living in the natural world at Quinta Das Abelhas. 

My desire with this program is to bring 12 distinct thought leaders together, to bring into physical reality the world they wish to see in the area they work in. This is about a collective focused intention.