Each person who joins this project brings a new flavour to its growth. By weaving in their own purpose and passion to what is already existing, its evolution can take on a new potential.  

From November 2019 onwards we are looking for people to journey with us on the land to reforest, make log hives, follow their own creativity and individually transform for the good of themselves and the collective. The work together is about supporting a shift in society to transform the environmental and human challenges we are facing. 

Time on the land with us can be from 1 week onwards to longer term collaborations. 

What we offer: 

Pre-breakfast body work practise, sharing groups, constellation workshops and one long enquiry weekend retreat each month. Additional to this, one to one constellation coaching programs can be offered to support individual goals. 

Daily Schedule: 

7am:          Body work practise 

8am:          Breakfast  

8.30am:     Group Sharing 

9am:          Land regeneration 

1pm:          Lunch 

3pm:          Personal Work & Creativity 

7pm:          Dinner 

8pm:          Dependent - music, film, rest, dance, constellation work etc. from the talents within the group

Weekend: Free to explore with the meditation/ enquiry weekend each month. 

We offer accommodation in caravans and bell tents (pending time of year), shower, shared kitchen/ diner/ workshop space. See further images of the land and the valley on Pinterest. We welcome and encourage people to bring their own accommodation to support their feeling of being at home on the land. 

What we ask: 

To read through the website and see if our work is aligned with your own passions and then through an exploration phase we develop a co-created plan of our time together. We ask for a weekly contribution of £50 or Euros 50 towards food, energy needs, wifi and basic requirements for the project to run. If you are able to give more based on your personal circumstances this will go into the reforestation and log hive making. 



Then please complete the attached form and email to Deborah on or you can ring to chat further on 00 (44) 7817 480915.