Nature loves to speak to us if we can pause long enough to listen. A meditation to connect to the wisdom of the wild bees: 

Click here for the meditation track on SoundCloud, this is drumming with the sound of the hum.


Meditation Guidance: 

1. Place a pad and pen next to you for writing. 

2. Lay or sit in a comfortable position. 

3. Ask what question do you need insights or guidance on.

4. State your question clearly, out loud or in your head. As succinct as possible. 

5. Then frame as the following - My intention is to connect with the wild bees and ask (add your question)

7. Begin to play the meditation track, close your eyes and state your intention 3 times, in your head or out loud. It is best to listen to the sound through headphones. 

8. Focus your intention on your core (area beneath you belly button), your heart, or the centre of your forehead (between your eyes). Where ever you feel drawn. Or if you have a part of your body that needs attention then focus here. 

9. Keep focused on that area of your body, repeating the intention if your mind wanders.

10. Allow the drum, the sound of the bees and your focus to bring forth fresh information for your question. The track is 15 minutes long, drop deep into the rhythm for insight. 

11. As the drum begins a new beat towards the end of the track, open your eyes and start to bring your awareness back into where you are, the space around you. Stretch your body. 

12. When the track is ended, turn to your note pad and write what was shown.

13. Consider any actions required from the insight.

Second meditation: 

Repeat the above process with the question, 'My intention is to connect with the wild bees and ask them to tell me who they are'.


Ongoing practise: 

You can repeat this every time you have a question and need wisdom from the wild bees. The honey bee represents love, joy and celebration. It allows one to see the polarities of life, both the honey and the sting. They will give guidance to all who ask. 

Please email if there is anything you wish to share from this meditation, we would love to hear what the bees are telling you:

With special thanks to Amber Richmond for producing the track and the Layne Redmond team for allowing us to use the bee recording for this purpose.